Courtois Hills of the Ozarks

Courtois Hills of the Ozarks
The sub-regions of the Ozarks (from Rafferty, The Ozarks: land and li

Tuesday, May 28, 2013



One of the most controversial figures intimately involved in the our local area of study was William T. Leeper. In this post I will introduce a portion of the records that I have compiled.

Col. W.T. Leeper

November 1861-August 1862

I wish to take a little time to look at the documents we displayed in the previous post. The first is dated November 16, 1861. In order to gain a much more perfect understanding about what had transpired here in Missouri, up until November 16, 1861, I refer you to the timeline found here: Civil War St. Louis  go down to May 10, 1861. 

Please take your time and thoroughly explore this wonderful resource. I could only wish to be able to explain as well what was happening here at that time as these good folks have done. 

After reading the timeline down to May 10, 1861 please visit the link available there detailing the Camp Jackson affair: Camp Jackson by Peckham Description of the Camp Jackson events by W. T. Sherman

Then to June 11, 1861 on the timeline and read about:

You now have read more about the early days of this great conflict and the lead up to warfare in Missouri than the majority of your peers. 

I'm sure that you now understand a little more clearly why Capt. Hawkins and Mr. Leeper were supposedly on a mission of peace to attempt to calm the nerves of the residents of SE Missouri. 

Capt. H. P. Hawkins was a merchant at Patterson and at the very commencement raised an independent company of cavalry for the federal cause. 

Mr. Leeper was a land speculator, businessman, lawyer and politician from the Big Brushy Creek area of Wayne County very near the border with Carter County. Although attempting to raise his own company for the federal service, Mr. Leeper had not the political backing at this time to make such a thing happen, though he soon would.