Courtois Hills of the Ozarks

Courtois Hills of the Ozarks
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To Find Your Rebel Kin, Part One

I wish to take a different path today as we explore the history of our region and the people who lived through those trying days of the War Between the States. I received a request for information/assistance on locating documentation of a possible southern sympathizing ancestor. I try to help others whenever I feel capable. And, at other times (when I know I am not capable) I make the attempt to help full knowing that I am in over my head. Sylvia Hathaway is not alone in her quest; many other people are searching for similar information about their kin. This is Part 1 of a multi-part study on researching your own Missouri Confederate ancestors.

Sylvia Hathaway to me,

Aug 28 (6 days ago)

It seems like I have communicated with you before about confederate units in this area but can't find any e-mails from you. Perhaps it was on a post of yours somewhere online. I live in Shannon County and I have enjoyed your posts on local Civil War History. After reading your Blog I got & just read the book '3 years with Quantrill' and several other books that an SCV site about Quantrill recommended.  I am wondering if you could direct me on how to find out about my ancestor James Snider (Snyder) b 1830 who is thought to have been a confederate or a confederate sympathizer. His 1st wife died during the war and I am beginning to wonder if she might have been one of the victims of the Yankees. 

If you have run across anything about them or can give me ideas on how to do more research I would sure appreciate your help.

James Snider lived in the Fremont area and then near to what is now considered Low Wassie after the war, and perhaps just before.

This is what I know:

JAMES SNIDER   (John Walker Snider, George W Snider, Johann George Schneider) was born 08 May 1830 in Blount County, Tennessee, and died 07 Sep 1895 in Carter or Shannon County, Missouri.  He married first Rebekah Smith about 02 Aug 1855 in Oregon County, Missouri. We believe she is the daughter of Richard D Grimes Smith and Jane.  She was born 1833 in Missouri, and died about 1862, probably in Carter or Shannon County.  Did she die of disease or was her death related to the war?  We don't know.

 I believe James and Rebecca had moved to James Snider’s sister and brother in-law’s farm after their deaths in 1858.  Lewis and Catherine both died in 1858 of "winter fever".  Lewis Snider was a distant cousin of James and Catherine. Lewis had gotten a farm in the Low Wassie area from a grant for having participated in an Indian war. After the war, James married his first cousin, Teresa Neal 23 Feb 1865 in Carter Co., MO, daughter of Robert Neal and Nancy Henderson.  She was born 27 Nov 1844 in Missouri, and died 04 Nov 1888 in Shannon County, Missouri.
   The 1860 Census shows the following people living at the home of my grandfather, James Snider:   

  •  7/7  Snider Jr., James              Age 30   M   Farmer                  born in Ten.                                            
  •         Rebecca (nee Smith)       Age 27   F                                   born in Mo.
  •         Sally A.                                      3   F                                 born in MO
  •         Margaret J                                  1   F                                 born in MO
  •         Smith, Simeon*                        28   M  Farm Laborer       born in MO
  •         Elmira                                       17   F                                 born in MO                          
  •         William B.                                 4   M                                 born in Ark.
  • .       Eliza J                                        2    F                                 born in Mo.
  •         Smith, Carter                           21   M     Crippled              born in MO                           
  •         Depriest, ,Minaris**              28   F                                   born in MO
  •         Nancy G. Depriest                   5   F                                                                          
  •         Abraham E. Depriest               1   M         

*There is a Simeon Smith listed in Freeman’s Regiment: Smith, Simeon - Company E - Pvt. - Captured Shannon Co. Mo. July 13, 1863, sent to Myrtle St. Prison, St. Louis, Mo., transferred to Camp Morton, Ind. August 23, 1863.

**Nee Smith, widow of Isaac W Depriest, later married John   Henderson Neal

I am not sure if this is the same location that is near Low Wassie since the old home place is now considered to be in Shannon County.  After James and his 2nd wife Teresa’s Neal Snider’s death, the farm was later sold to the Pyrtle’s (The old Pyrtle Place).

From Office of Secretary of State, Jefferson City , MO 65102
      From index only- James Snyder (unknown if this is our    
      James), age 30, Rank- Musi
      Service - Co. "C". 4th or Reg. Mo. Inf. Vol under Capt. 
      Enlisted August 10, 1861 Memphis, TN
      Deserted on retreat from Corinth, Miss. in 1862
      Nat. Ballard, Co Ky.
      Muster roll on file, Adj. Gen. Office, Jefferson City, Mo

Here is a screen shot of what you will see first. This is where the above information originated. This link will take you to the actual card.

 There were at least 2 James Sniders in the area including James William Snider (1846-1926), son of William Snider and Mary Ann Snider (cousins), and our James Snider (1830-1895) (born 08 May 1830 in Blount County, Tennessee *)son of John Walker Snider and Anna Neal. The index card above is the only record I find that lists an age that is close to our James Snider. My uncle Carl Snider says the family thought James Snider (b 1830) may have been with Quantrill, Shelby, and may have been guerrilla. He is said to have come home with a large sum of money after the war, and purchased the nicest farm there was in the Shannon County area.

We now go back to to search census records again. We know his age, where he was born and approximately where he lived. Below is a screen shot of the search page and the results of the search.

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